5 Tips to Your Best Living Room

5 Tips to Your Best Living Room

Use these tips for your living room to impress all your guests!

Use these tips for your living room to impress all your guests!

When it comes to decorating your new home, the living space may be the most important feature. Figuring out the color scheme and furniture placement can be quite the task. There are a number of outlets to look toward when deciding on your perfect living room. Follow some of these simple steps from www.thenest.com to build your best living room.

1. Get your sofa situated.

Positioning your couch is one of the most important tasks when arranging your living room. You want this room to look welcoming for the guests you entertain. Part of this important process involves making sure the couch faces the entrance. This makes the room inviting for those who enter. If it’s necessary that the back of the couch face the entrance, make sure to place a table with some books behind the back of the couch. This creates a more inviting atmosphere.

2. Find a focal point.

Every living room has a piece to position the rest from, whether it’s a stunning fireplace or a great view. If you don’t have a focal point provided by the architecture, create one by using your favorite piece of furniture.

3. Spice things up with a great area rug.

A fabulous living room starts with the perfect rug. If you are planning to do plenty of entertaining, make sure you find one large and durable enough to handle all the traffic. If you’re creating an area to separate two rooms, place a small rug to serve as a border. If you’re going for a more relaxed feel, try a plush or shag rug to make your guests feel at home. This will create a more casual ambience.

4. Juxtaposition is key.

Regardless of the room your designing, you want it to be balanced. If you feel that one side is more cluttered than the other, try adding more furniture to the other side. You can also remove furniture from the more dense side. Be sure to add balance vertically as well. Don’t let your guests’ eyes stop at the couch but let their gaze travel upwards with some nice artwork. You can also consider adding a mirror, tall plant or other free-standing structure.

5. Perfect the ambience.

The living room is the area where you, and your guests, will spend the most time. Make sure to give it a welcoming feeling. You can make your space cozy by adding some throw pillows or a comfy blanket. Using lighting to set the mood of a room is another strategy. Don’t be afraid to add some drama to the space and create some shadows.

Always remember that this room will serve for most of the entertaining. This room can become the focal point of your house. Utilizing these strategies will help your guests feel welcome and comfortable.

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