7 Benefits to Buying New Construction Vs. Resale Homes

7 Benefits to Buying New Construction Vs. Resale Homes

When you are purchasing a home, one of the first factors you consider after you’ve narrowed location is whether to buy new construction or resale. An obvious benefit of new construction is that everything is new—but benefits beyond the shiny factor abound! Below are 7 reasons buying new construction might be your clear best option!

1. Warranty. Everything in your house will be new and untouched—and even with that assurance, you will have a warranty for anything that might go wrong. Your warranty will be an agreement between you and the builder that lasts a predetermined amount of time. Usually you have a warranty for workmanship and materials, and a separate longer-term warranty for structural elements. With a resale home, you get your inspection and walkthrough, and then you inherit any and all problems that didn’t come up during those minimal visits.

2. Codes and safety. Building codes exist to keep your family and home as safe as possible. Codes change over time, as engineers discover what is safest and best. Because your new home was recently built by a professional builder, it comes with the most up-to-date code standards. Everything has been inspected as it was completed, assuring that it is done properly. With resale, you inherit any problems that might happen because of code violations—either out-of-date problems or code violations from workers who avoided permits when working.

3. Current styles—no remodeling required. Our builders focus on homes that flow with the lifestyles of modern families. With new construction, you can choose the floorplan that is most appealing to you, and the exterior and interior will be stylish, lasting you years without remodeling. When shopping resale homes, it is not uncommon to start remodeling them in your mind to be perfect. Why not start perfect with a floorplan you love!

4. Your choice! Speaking of choice of floorplan, you also have major choice in selections and finishes! No to living with that ugly vanity the previous owner chose. Do you prefer silver, gold, or black hardware? When you build a home from scratch, you’ll have a say in all colors, styles, selections, and finishes, so it can be built to match your vision and style exactly! Imagine your dream home, and then bring it to reality.

5. Pick your lot. When you are building a new construction home from scratch, you get to start by looking at the choices of lots and picking one that meets your desires! Consider views, direction the home faces, location within the community, location on the street, and more.

6. Options and upgrades. With new construction, you’ll have control over options and upgrades. This means that you’ll have some flexibility with the floorplan, choosing options that work best for your family. It also means that you can have some say in cost—keep costs down by limiting upgrades, or upgrade to your ultimate dream space if your budget allows. Also, all options or upgrades are planned into the home to work in the best way possible. With resale homes, you get what you get. If you choose to remodel to upgrade the space, you are at the mercy of the existing home and any underlying or unexpected problems.

7. Establishing community. One of the best benefits of building in a new community is that your neighbors are all in the same situation! This makes it a great opportunity to meet families and neighbors and set up the dynamic as you like it, since you are moving into a place where most people are looking to make new friends. Also, Highland Woods is built with a sense of community in mind—meet people at the Owners Club, parks and playgrounds, and the onsite Country Trails Elementary School!

(Photos from this post feature a new, move-in ready home at Highland Woods, The Richmond. Learn more about this home! )

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