Abigail Homes: Live in a mold-free home

Abigail Homes: Live in a mold-free home

Buying a green home offers energy cost savings, which is a great benefit. But it also offers long term health benefits for your family. After all, you will be spending a lot of time in your home, and all of the living and breathing you do within its walls affects your health. Abigail Homes at Highland Woods in Elgin, Illinois builds green homes which offer amazing tactics to prevent mold from the day the home is framed and into the future to benefit your family’s health for years.

Here is a story Pete Bean of Abigail Homes told about how they came to build mold free homes, the precautions they take, and the benefits of building green.

“Once our homes are under roof, I typically have a walk through with the buyers. On one of my walk throughs, the buyer pointed out some discoloration on the lumber in various locations of the home. I mentioned that it was probably just some surface mold. She mentioned that she and her kids have allergies and air quality is essential to their lives while living in the home. I explained that our lumber is shipped from Western lumber mills to our local lumber yards by train and exposed to the elements. It then sits in a lumber yard exposed to the elements, until it is finally delivered to the job site. The buyer felt that it was unacceptable to assume the mold on the lumber would be a non-issue moving forward!

This has been common practice for builders in our area for years…but once I thought about it, she was right! So it was time to take charge and educate myself to address this very serious mold concern. I contacted the lumber company, and they said they have no control of the exterior elements and can’t assume any responsibly for the mold on the lumber pre- and post-delivery, and they even have a disclaimer with every delivery. So I looked at the next lumber delivery ticket, and sure enough, the back side of the delivery ticket was full of legal language disclaiming any and all responsibility for mold on their lumber.

I now use a company on all of our homes to address pre- and post-owner occupancy mold concerns. Once our homes are under roof, our homes are completely vac’ed out with a hepa filtration system. Then the entire structure is treated to kill any existing mold and to prevent any future mold to grow on the home’s structure for 25 years, backed by a written transferable warranty from its applicator. The product used is Durban; its water-base means the only off-gas released upon surface bonding is H2O. There are no toxic gases, no VOCs, no heavy metals, and no formaldehyde, which translates into a safe, clean, and green mold-free home. This product is a recognized component of the LEED green building rating system developed by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC).

Let’s face it—better air quality is a critical component to a sustainable and healthy home. A better home. A better life.”

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