Amazing Ceilings in DeMarco Designer Home: Interview with Brian DeMarco

Amazing Ceilings in DeMarco Designer Home: Interview with Brian DeMarco

When you purchase a DeMarco custom designer home, it is like purchasing a work of art. Brian DeMarco, president of DeMarco, believes every room should have a theme or something of interest to catch your eye. “I want people to walk into each room and be impressed by a unique feature. Sometimes this is in a niche, and often it is in the ceiling,” said DeMarco.

In past projects, his ceilings have been inspired by shapes he’s seen, common household objects, and even the end chute of waterslides. In a kid’s room, he once did a ceiling like an airplane, with a propeller. “I work with my framers to get something unique. I visit the project, work with the framers to design it, and then we move forward,” said DeMarco.

In the Alicia, a new 5-bedroom, 4 bathroom Alicia foyerdesigner home available at Highland Woods, you can see this touch in the Master Bedroom, where he has done what he calls an “umbrella ceiling”. Four seams are around the outside, and the whole ceiling rolls up to the peak. The home includes a matching ceiling in the foyer—a smaller version of the umbrella in the master.

aleciaAnd the artistry doesn’t end there. The home also includes a vaulted ceiling in Bedroom 4, which goes up 11 feet. In the master bathroom, you see a barrel roll ceiling above the tub, which is shaped like a barrel cut in half. And the rest of the master bathroom includes 10 foot ceilings.

But what makes the ceilings most like a work of art—each one is one-of-a-kind. “I don’t like doing the same ceiling twice,” said DeMarco. So when you visit the Alicia, you are seeing something truly special.

The images of the framed ceilings will give you an idea of these features, but to truly appreciate the art you should visit and see them in person. The Alicia is available for $549,900. Make an appointment to visit the Alicia at Highland Woods today!

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