Decorating With Ease

Decorating With Ease

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When buying a new home, one of the biggest challenges is deciding how to decorate. You want your new place to look fabulous as easily and flawlessly as possible. We have put together some tips to help you transform your home from

Take advantage of the bookstore.

Save yourself a lot of legwork and use magazines for design ideas. You can find plenty of great ideas by picking up your favorite home decor magazine and flipping through pages. This will spare you the time searching through stores for ideas. You can also get some great ideas for furniture placement and color schemes.

Unexpected places may yield unexpected treasures.

Old is new, what was once “out” is now “in.”  Don’t overlook your local thrift stores for big-ticket items. If you’re searching for large pieces of furniture but don’t want to break the bank, visit some second-hand furniture stores. These can hold treasures for less than half the price. If you’re in to antiquing, many of these stores carry a large variety of great knick-knacks to spice up your interior. Color your kitchen by adding hidden treasures available at most of these places. Don’t be afraid of adding your own personality to your decor.

Buy convertible furniture.

If furnishing your entire home the moment you move in is not feasible, buy pieces that can fit anywhere. If searching for that 10-person suede couch you desperately want is becoming a hassle, purchase a futon for the moment. You can easily use it in a guest room until you can finally afford your dream couch.

…Or take that day long trip to IKEA.

When all else fails, try the largest most affordable furniture store out there. IKEA is known for their affordable, convenient furniture and decorations. Travel through the stories of IKEA to find decorations for any room at affordable prices. Whatever you are looking for, it is likely they carry it. From bedroom furniture to kitchenware, this store can deliver what you need.

Be smart about your art.

Many people love the idea of hanging beautiful works on their walls, but art can become pretty pricey. If you want that Monet but paying sticker price makes you balk, consider going to a thrift store or antique shop. Most of the time these shops have beautiful artwork for less than you expect.

You registered for it, use it!

Remember those gifts you received at the wedding that are still waiting to be unwrapped? Unwrap them. If you’re short on decorations, use those crystal wall hangings. Even if they aren’t the perfect fit, aunt Mildred will be ecstatic you used them.

Color, Color, Color!

Feeling like you want to spice up the interior of your new home, but don’t have time to handle all the decor at the moment? Try painting to bring your personality into your home. Painting can be the best decoration your new home needs. A splash of color can clean up any room’s look.

Not a fan of the old couch?

If you have a decent couch but hate the upholstery, try a slip cover.  Slips are a easy to change up the color scheme, cover up that grape juice stain or add some flavor to that once dull piece of furniture.

Decorating a brand new home doesn’t have to be a headache. Placing your personal touch on your home can be a memorable experience, when done right. When deciding on your new look, consider these great methods to spice up your living area.

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