Energy Star and Green Building Standards Explained by Expert Pete Bean

Energy Star and Green Building Standards Explained by Expert Pete Bean

AbigailIn recent years, green building standards have become more and more popular. Homebuyers hear words like “green building” and “Energy Star”, and often they understand that these are good things, but have not ever heard the specifics of what these mean and the potential benefits. Abigail Homes, one of the great builders at Highland Woods is doing interesting things with green building. We talked with Pete Bean of Abigail Homes to get a better understanding of what green building is, and why it matters. Enjoy the interview below.

What is an “ENERGY STAR” home?

Homes earning the Energy Star rating must meet U.S. Environmental Protection Agency guidelines. Energy Star homes are at least thirty percent more energy efficient than homes built to the 2003 International Energy Conservation Code. Components of an Energy Star home include effective insulation, high performance windows, tight construction and ducts, high efficiency heating and cooling, as well as Energy Star rated high efficiency appliances and lighting.

What is the difference between a “green” home and an “Energy Star” home?

I feel the green movement is still misunderstood by many perspective home buyers. When they hear “green”, they think tree huggers, rain barrels and alternative forms of energy. Although green building does include those areas, it’s so much more than that! Most home buyers have a preconceived notion that Energy Star Certified homes are a good thing, they yet don’t know a lot about it or what classifies them Energy Star. I convey it like this: green building standards are the next level up from Energy Star, or green is Energy Star on steroids. Then buyers seem to get it. Someone building a home built to green’s lowest certification of bronze through the NAHB Green Building Standards is built at a higher level of building criteria than Energy Star.

What are the main benefits to homeowners when a home is built with green standards?

Building Green, the owner will realize all the benefits of Energy Star, like energy efficiency and a very tight envelope of the home. But with building to a green standard, you’ll also realize:

  • Products used that promote indoor air quality
  • Water efficiency
  • Low to no VOC products
  • Tankless water heaters
  • Total year round humidity control for the interior climate of your home and all the benefits of a constant humidity level, like no gapping in your hardwood floors in the winter, and interior doors and cabinet doors that function differently due to changes in humidity levels with every season to name a few.

Pete summed it up with this tagline: “A better home. A better life.” Learn more about building a green homes with Abigail Homes at Highland Woods. Make an appointment to visit today.

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