How Would You Spend Your $30,000 Rebate? 5 Ideas

How Would You Spend Your $30,000 Rebate? 5 Ideas

People often like to play a hypothetical conversation game—What if you won the lotto? What if you suddenly had an unexpected influx of money? What would you buy? For most people, this is always a hypothetical. But what if this were to come true?

For a limited time, new homebuyers at Highland Woods can earn up to a $30,000 cash rebate after closing on a new home—see details here. Then the question is real: What will you do now that it’s actually your lucky day?

Here are a few ideas we thought of for all of that money. And the good news is, you can do whatever you want with it! But whatever you decide, enjoy!


1. Furnish and decorate your new house! Your home may have a room or two you didn’t have before. Have a blast looking through your favorite designer furniture catalog and picking out new couches, beds, and tables. Or, pick out decor that is exactly what you envisioned—rugs, curtains, and lamps. Get it set up so it feels like home.


2. Take a family vacation. After all of that moving and settling in, you deserve a vacation. Book a cross country road trip, take a winter ski vacation, spring break at a beach, or ready your passports and see the other side of the world. But, you are sure to love your new home so much that you will miss it while you’re gone!

Pink Piggy Bank

3. Put it toward the future. A large sum of money can do incredible things for your financial goals. Talk to a financial advisor about how to make the most out of it, whether that means to invest it, add it to a college savings account for your kids, or use it to pay down your mortgage.


4. Throw the party of all parties. This idea is a wacky one, but maybe you’ve always wanted to make it rain. You will be so happy about your new home purchase that maybe you’ll want to celebrate in the ultimate way. Throw a massive housewarming party for yourself! (Or, maybe you’ve got a child with an approaching wedding—in this case, it would go a long way for the big day!)


5. Gift it. Maybe you’ve always wanted to be generous and altruistic, but never had the chance. Now is a great time! Pick your favorite charity, cause, or child and spoil them good.

Are you ready to buy an incredible new home and earn a cash rebate so you can stop dreaming and start living? Make an appointment to visit Highland Woods today!

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