Making a Move Easier for You and Your Family

Making a Move Easier for You and Your Family

There are some things to consider when moving with kids

There are some things to consider when moving with kids.

Moving into a new home can be a stressful experience for both adults and children. There are ways to make the transition easier for your young ones – and essentially yourself – by taking a look at these tips from to guide them through this time of change.

Include your child.

Making that extra effort to let your child know the details of your move will be very beneficial.  Keep the date written down on the family calendar so your child has a constant reminder of how close moving day is.  It may also be helpful to write down a date to start packing.  Packing doesn’t have to be dreadful; provide your kids with the coloring supplies so they can decorate their own boxes.  Get them excited by asking them to draw how they want the layout of their new room to look.

Get them comfortable with the new neighborhood.

A good way to do this is by taking pictures and video of the new home and town.  You can also get a map of the area to mark any areas you may have talked to them about and also to point out the location to the new house.

Help them to get involved in the new area.

It is always a major concern for a child to meet new friends in an area where they know no one.  In a folder, put together brochures of any activities they are interested in such as parks, sport teams, or theaters.  Talking to adults who will play a new part in their life is also a good idea.  Give those individuals recommendations on how to ease your child into the transition.  For example, let their teacher know any interests your child has so they can pair them up with another student with similar interests.

For those children not in school, play with them outside as much as possible so they can meet any neighbors.  Going on walks and talking to parents who have children the same age is just a start.

Throw a going-away party.

Have your child enjoy one last hurrah in their old home with some of their closest friends.  Sit down with them so they can help plan this event.  Get your creative skills flowing and buy a stuffed animal or an object of their interest to have all their friends write a note on.  You could even hand out party bags that include stationary and self-addressed labels for your child’s friends to send mail to your new home.

Make them a surprise in their new room.

Encourage your child to become comfortable in their new home by surprising them with a new toy in their empty room.  This may help them forget any worries they may have and get them excited about the new possibilities ahead of them.

Don’t neglect any family rituals.

With so much already on your plate with the move, don’t forget to keep any family rituals alive.  If every Thursday night is game night, make sure it continues beyond the move.  It will help your child feel more at home if you continue old family pastimes.  It is also good to start new family rituals in the new home.

Stay Positive!

No matter how difficult the move may be on you and your family, keep a positive outlook on the whole situation.  What you say will rub off on your children, so try to keep any negative thoughts to yourself and the move will be a breeze!

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