Our Builders Answer: What's the most interesting/unique add-on or upgrade a homebuyer has requested?

Our Builders Answer: What's the most interesting/unique add-on or upgrade a homebuyer has requested?

askbuildersEvery month, we ask the Highland Woods builders various questions about their homes and life in Highland Woods and Elgin. Several Highland Woods builders offer custom and semi-custom homes. This month, we were curious to hear what unique features and add-ons homebuyers had requested for their homes. Check out some of the responses to our monthly question.

A customer on an in-fill site was building a Victorian with a large round two story turret. They also were doing a bonus room for the kids on the third floor. As we were reviewing the final set of blueprints the customer inquired about building into the turreted roof area at the third floor level. We determined that we could build a room that was about 10’ round with walls that started 3’ high and followed the turreted shape up to 9’ off the ground. To get into the space you had to go up two steps and you had to duck because the entrance was only about 4’ high. The room was nick-named the “tee-pee room” by the subs because of the shape. The homeowner tells me their two daughters host sleepovers all of the time and that their friends always want to sleep in the “tee-pee room”.
-Pete Stefani, King’s Court Builders

We have several clients wanting hidden rooms!  Some are used just as a great place for the kids to play. Unless you had the blueprint, you would never know they are there!
-Melissa DeMarco, DeMarco Custom Homes

The most unique thing a client has asked for lately was actually a great design feature. The Surges Family we built for had 4 boys sharing a joined bathroom. So we added 1’ in the overall width of the room, and instead of one shower, we put in two 3’x3’ showers side by side. We added a porcelain urinal with Tile Wainscoting. We topped it off with an electric hand dryer. We are a custom builder, and we can do anything our clients want—this is a perfect example.  We know are looking at adding urinals to a few of our finished lower levels for clients. Thanks, Roy and Linda, for the great idea.
-John Hall Jr., John Hall Custom Homes

Abigail TheaterWe have designed many custom features for our home buyers. We did one in Highland Woods with a home theatre which was constructed under the garage, which was dug below the walk out basement level, using parking garage flooring for the garage to provide further sound proofing. The home has tiered seating, private hallway entrance thru Knotty Alder double doors! With Abigail Homes, anything is possible!
-Kathy Koca, Abigail Homes

Being custom in the last 25 years I have been asked to do a lot of things: Extra deep basements, and I am talking deep, 20′ or more for sports. Full basements under the garage for shops, basement stairs from outside or garage. But the most unique and least expensive was a tree house room—built into the attic above a girls room, and only accessible by ladder it created a fort, private study or imaginary space that every kid would love.
-Paul Hassler, Acorn Properties

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