Welcome Realtors


Welcome. And thank you for all you’ve done to help us succeed. At Crown Community Development, we love to build relationships with Realtors®. We are happy to welcome you and your clients to our communities. We enjoy hosting realtor events and parties, and we often offer special promotions and prizes within our communities.

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Since a well informed Realtor is our best friend, we created a blog to help you not just get to know us better, but also for you to get to know the market, technology, and trends better. Feel free to share and comment. And don’t hesitate to stop by Highland Woods. Make an appointment now!

Crown Community Development was founded in 1973 to invest in, and later to manage, a 3,500-acre expanse of property in Aurora, Illinois. Today, the acreage is home to five large-scale residential communities, each ranging from 500 to 700 acres, and boasting a variety of outstanding recreational attractions, including golf courses, sport programs, athletic fields, bike trails, community clubhouses and swimming pools. This project was so well received that we created others — Thornwood in South Elgin, and now Highland Woods. We’ve had great success, and we could not have done it without Realtors.